Accessing private app from another app

Hello so I have a backend api which I only want to expose to another app. So this backend only has a private ipv6 address. I created a wireguard tunnel and I am able to ping6 the app-name.internal but I am unable to curl my api. My toml file for my backend looks like this.

# fly.toml app configuration file generated for chatdataroots-backend on 2024-06-04T08:38:22+02:00
# See for information about how to use this file.

app = 'chatdataroots-backend'
primary_region = 'ams'

  dockerfile = 'backend.Dockerfile'

  memory = '1gb'
  cpu_kind = 'shared'
  cpus = 1

When I fly ssh console and do curl -I I get a response from my API.
But when Im connected with wireguard on my local pc and try to curl this app I never get anything. I tried curl -I http://chatdataroots-backend.internal and curl -I http://chatdataroots-backend.internal:5328 and also curl -I but i always get curl: (7) Failed to connect to .... Couldn't connect to server
All help is greatly appreciated!

Are you binding to fly-local-6pn? Some docs on this here: Private Networking · Fly Docs

Hey yes I was reading some other posts and saw that binding should fix this but Im a bit clueless on how to correctly bind. Do i need to change the ipv6 address in my /etc/hosts next to fly-local-6pn to ::? or how should i correctly bind this? Thanks again!

How are you running the webserver in the chatdataroots-backend app? This is where you would specify the bind address.

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CMD [“rye”, “run”, “fastapi_api”] its running like this where the fastapi_api is actually this script
fastapi_api = [“uvicorn”, “”, “–reload”, “–port”, “5328”, “–host”, “”]
So the should become :: ?

It works thanks!!

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