Private network via WireGuard

Hi, as a Fly newbie I tried a lot of tutorials how to configure private network. My case is rather simple, I want to have an app only to development purposes. So my dream is to have an access only via VPN like via, not visible from public. I have generated configuration for WireGuard. I don’t want to share any details, to don’t suggest any wrong thinking.

The question is what should I configure, or how to to this. I’d really appreciate help.

Thank you in advance

If you have the wireguard tunnel setup (and connected) you can access your app name using http://APP_NAME.internal:APP_PORT.

To block public access, dont define any service:

No services section: The application has no mappings to the external internet - typically apps like databases that talk over 6PN private networking to other apps.


@crossworth OMG everything works like out of the box. I didn’t know that I should use “internal” suffix. Now it works like a dream. Thank you so much for your help. App already blocked for public traffic and works for my machine via internal. :smile:

unfortunately, I had something cached and actually does not work.
I tried to perform:

dig +short aaaa my-app.internal @fdaa::3

but I received
;; UDP setup with fdaa::3#53(fdaa::3) for my-app.internal failed: host unreachable.

Your DNS is not fdaa::3, its organization dependent