A new activity page but for organizations

We made an organizations activity page! You can now see every revoked and active token within your organization. Check it out here: Activity Page

The page contains 3 tables at the moment (Members, Tokens, Revoked Tokens) and more are on the way! The main feature for the first round of updates is giving you a UI to see every token that has been revoked by a member in your organization and display the member’s email for better tracking of revoked tokens.

Since this feature is new all tokens that have been revoked prior to this page being added the “revoked by” column will display that an “Admin” was responsible for revoking the token.

The members table will display each member’s email, role and the date they were added to the organization. The Tokens table displays all active tokens that are associated with the organization and will show the tokens name, date generated, expiration date, and the member’s email who generated the token.

The next update that is currently in the works is going to give you the ability to remove a member from the organization and before confirming the removal of the member a table will appear to show all active tokens associated with the member that will also be revoked. This will give you a visual confirmation and peace that the member and their tokens have been safely removed.


You can now revoke all tokens that have been generated by a member when removing a member from the organization. After a you click the “remove” button in the members table a list of active tokens that were created by the member will appear. Giving you a visual confirmation that all associated tokens and the member have been removed.

Once you confirm that you would like this member to be removed from the organization you will see that the associated tokens are now being rendered in the revoked tokens table and that the member will no longer have access to your organization.