502/503 status codes

I just did a deploy where I updated some code and now my app is just timing out with a 502 status code.

I am confused about this. What did I do wrong? This seems like a problem on Fly’s end because I didn’t change anything regarding the infrastructure or anything. I am getting 503s now btw… :frowning:

App name is itsforwomen.

it’s working now again but we did have about 10 minutes of 502s and 503s after doing a deploy…

Aandddd… it’s down again :sob: Getting 502 status codes. This time it happened a few minutes after we had a successful deploy. Would be lovely if someone could have a look!

And 200 again. That’s 5 minutes of downtime :cry:

Prob related: Intermittent Fly Proxy error causing short periods of downtime on prod.

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We found a memory leak in our proxy in a codepath that recently began getting called more often. This resulted in some instances becoming inaccessible for brief periods when the proxy would run out of memory.

We deployed a fix for the memory leak today, which fixes this issue.

Sorry for the trouble!