500 Error On App Dashboard Settings Page

Today I’m unable to access my app’s fly.io dashboard’s Settings page. When I click Settings, it goes to the fly.io 500 error page (“Whoa, something’s up… Looks like we’re having some issues. Try again later, or feel free to contact us if the problem persists.”). Anyone know why offhand? Thanks!! :pray:

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Ditto, I suspect there’s a lot of stressed devs running around right now :sweat_smile:.

flyctl still works, so you can use that to manage for now

I’m having the same problem now, hope they could fix this soon

https://fly.io/dashboard/personal/settings? Works for me right now. Let me double-check.

We’re having issues viewing certificates. Dashboard gives a 500 error

So far tonight, I haven’t seen any of the 500 errors on https://fly.io/dashboard/personal/settings. :crossed_fingers::pray:

I’m getting on 500 error
Sign In · Fly and
Sign In · Fly

Get on clicking certificates and settings
You hit a Fly API error with request ID:XXXX

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