404 not found json from root path without ending /

If I do https://gnr-bold-leaf-1886.fly.dev I get:{“statusCode”:404,“error”:“Not Found”,“message”:“Not Found”}

but https://gnr-bold-leaf-1886.fly.dev/ and works fine. Anyway to get without the ending / to just redirect?

I think one of your instances is returning the web page, and another is returning the 404. You can verify that by refreshing it a bunch.

oic. Are you saying after each deploy some ghost instance is still running and it takes a few mins before 100% of my requests goto the new deployed version? And each 404 is just bad luck of going to the old instance?

oh i think I see my problem:

internal_port = 5601
protocol = “tcp”

  • [[services.ports]]
  • port = 80
  • handlers = [“http”]
  • [[services.ports]]
  • port = 443
  • handlers = [“tls”, “http”]

internal_port = 8080
force_https = true
auto_stop_machines = true
auto_start_machines = true
min_machines_running = 0
processes = [‘app’]

My 80 and 443 for 5601 kibana was making it randomly server up a page from the wrong place