404 in docs

Just a heads up that there might be some misconfiguration on: https://fly.io/docs/introduction/

I’m getting a 404 Not Found NGINX page here. Other documentation pages work fine!

Bump, this pages till 404s for me. Figure that y’all would like to know? :upside_down_face:

Hi @heimann, that’s intentional! That page is gone and you’re really not missing anything. Guess we should do a redirect or something.

Thanks for following up, though! :smiley:

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Ok that makes sense!

I swear I got there from a link on the docs page when setting up my new laptop… But now I can’t find it. :man_shrugging:

(If you were looking for something specific, that could be good info for us to write or surface particular info better than we do…)

No I’m good! I love the docs :slight_smile: Just didn’t want you to lose potential customers in the introduction :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe I just had that url in my history from back when?

You’re not imagining it! I can point the finger straight at the person who caused that regression in the menu :arrows_counterclockwise: (That’s the closest emoji I could find)


Give them a hug from me :joy: Keep up the good work!

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