2024-04-30 Upstream Emergency Maintenance in DEN

This is just to note that we’ve been informed by our datacenter provider in DEN that they have to perform emergency maintenance in the datacenter, which may result in a brief period of downtime for all Fly Machines in that region.

The maintenance will start at 18:00 MDT (00:00 UTC) edit: postponed to 19:00 MDT (01:00 UTC) and is scheduled for 20 minutes. Is it NOT predicted that apps will be unavailable for all of that time, but they may be briefly unavailable for an interval during that period.

Fly.io engineers will be standing by to monitor the situation and respond if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Users with apps located only in the DEN region who do not want any downtime should spin up an additional Fly Machine in another region.

All other users do not need to take any action.

Coincidentally, there was a totally unexpected power outage in one of our two SJC datacenters just now, which has since been resolved.

This maintenance is now complete and the datacenter is functioning normally.

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