$10 charge to verify that my account isn't high risk did not come back

I thought the $10 charge was for verification purposes and that it will come back. Does it come back? If not, then why did it not give me an invoice on my Fly.io account? I only have $0.33 amount due and $0 credits. I’m on the legacy hobby plan.


It might be worth sending a quick email about that to billing@fly.io

You might get a faster response for account/money questions.

Hi @AaronRagudos, the verification charge is not actually a charge, it’s a pre-authorisation that is immediately cancelled. Banks often display this in exactly the same way as a normal charge.

Even though we cancel it instantly, it can take up to 10 business days for your bank to stop showing it as a charge. If you’d like, email billing@fly.io and we can give you a System Trace Audit Number (STAN) that you can use to track down the cancellation with your bank, for peace of mind.


Alright. This is great to know. Thank you!

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