Zombie machine preventing app re-deployment (fly.io please help)

Hi fly.io support

This machine which I can’t delete seems to prevent me from re-deploying my app which again seems required after the recent emergency maintenance.

All manipulation attempts fail with:

Error: could not get machine e784e290f04ed8: failed to get VM e784e290f04ed8: invalid machine ID, 'e784e290f04ed8'

Could someone please delete it so I can re-deploy my app, thx.

Can you try fly vm stop · Fly Docs and let me know if that works?

Not working…

$ fly machine list
1 machines have been retrieved from app r-news-poster-bot.
View them in the UI here (​https://fly.io/apps/r-news-poster-bot/machines/)

ID              NAME            STATE           REGION  IMAGE   IP ADDRESS      VOLUME  CREATED                 LAST UPDATED            APP PLATFORM     PROCESS GROUP   SIZE 
e784e290f04ed8  wild-pine-5784  starting                :                               1970-01-01T00:00:00Z    0001-01-01T00:00:00Z                                         

$ fly vm stop e784e290f04ed8
Error: failed to stop allocation: Could not find Allocation

Solved it by deleting the app.
But anyway moving to GCP App Engine now, this is just too brittle.

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