Why parts of machines API work only with Wireguard?

I’m building nice automation over machines API, but the need to first set up a proxy seems a bit bizarre. Can we expect it to be available to the public as well? Most APIs are already available.

Hi @mustafa, very cool to hear you’re building something with the machines API! Is your main trouble the UX around connecting to the API locally when doing development?

My use case is to invoke machine creation API with some sort of automation in response to webhooks, or from CLI in Github Actions, and the need to run flyctl machines api-proxy is making things more difficult. Because it needs to run in the background as a process. If all Machine APIs worked through a proxy, it’d make sense, but I don’t totally understand why it needs to be the case. Is it security?


We are all in on the machine API. The proxy was a bit of an issue for the less technical like myself but it’s working fine now. I was wondering if there is an api to get some basics metrics on a machine. Looks like the metrics are all App centric.

Also maybe secrets for each machine instead of inheriting from Apps?


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