Why has my app status suddenly changed to Suspended?

I just deployed my own app, but it was suspended after running for a few minutes. What could be the reason?

If you look in your fly.toml file under [http_service] do you have auto_stop_machines set to true? Also if you have min_machines_running=0 then that’s why you are experiencing your app being suspended. Sounds like there is no traffic being sent to your application and because of that your app is in a “suspended” or “waiting” state. Just to clarify, “suspended” doesn’t mean “us” at fly suspended your application because of something you did wrong. Here’s more info on auto stop/start machines:

Hope this helps!


Okay, thank you. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with coding and did set it up incorrectly. Another issue I’ve noticed is that when the app stops and then restarts, all the options I previously set in the app are lost. This means that if I want to keep my settings unchanged, I have to keep the app running continuously. Is this normal?

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You’re welcome, no worries at all!

Would you mind giving a specific example as to what actually changes, settings wise? I want to make sure your question is getting answered properly.

This is my configuration:

This is my app:

Furthermore, when I adjusted the parameter of auto_stop_machines to false, an error occurred:

Error: failed to update VM 4d89440b243d87: You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app.

So I would recommend keeping auto start and auto stop, set to true. And just setting min machines to 1.

It is recommend to keep auto start/stop set to the same value.

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Beat me to it, but yes I concur!


thank you very much! I will try your suggestions tomorrow morning. I have another question: Do I need to pay extra for the current number of apps I have?

You pay when the app is running. And fly.io has a pretty great amount for free.

I don’t know how this works with auto stop machines, can you have 6 running half the month and still fit within the free allowance because the CPU usage is the same?

But I have been able to run a lot of fly without paying, doing small projects and POC over the last year or so.

Hello, I have modified the configuration according to your suggestion, but there is still an error. The screenshot is as follows. Can you please advise me on where the specific problem lies?

This is my configuration:

This is a screenshot of an error message:

You need to add a credit card. So deploying spins up new machines, either rolling, or canary.

You can change the deployment strategy and set it too immediate might work. Then it would cause a outage, but it would spin everything down and redeploy.

That would not add additional machines.

See here -

But honestly, just add a credit card, if you have auto stop set, you won’t be using the full hours from the first three, which I believe means it will fit into the free teir.

I think this is something someone from fly could be more descriptive of. I assume its 3 servers of the lowest size billed hours for a month. So if you had 6 servers running for half a month, would that fit into a free tier, as the total hours would fit into that three alottment?

I didn’t fully understand, but I removed two apps, and now it works. It’s just that sometimes the speed is a bit slow. Thank you for your patient answers.

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