Why does LiteFS Cloud require a persistent volume?


The getting started docs for litefs cloud mention that it must be run on a persistent volume0. I was curious why this was the case - I don’t save anything else on the volume besides my sqlite db. There’s a scenario where I’d be okay with paying the cost of having to do a full litefs cloud restore on machine start vs. having persistent volumes.

The only bit I can think of is that the cluster id needs to be saved somewhere - are there other limitations that require the volume?

What you’re asking is if you can skip having a persistent volume, run LiteFS with your db stored on the machine ephemeral disk, and then at every restart LiteFS Cloud will automatically “restore” it back?

I don’t think that’s possible, LiteFS needs a lot more persistent files to work than just your sqlite db, and those are probably not all backed up by Cloud.

Even if it were, your storage would be hard limited to the machine disk size (I think 8gb?) which can’t be extended.


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