What's the cold start time for when app's vm count is 1?

Hi all!

What’s the cold start time for when app’s vm count is 1? ie. when i visit my app (via incognito) it takes around 2-3 sec. How do i avoid this cold starts? Thanks!

Strange. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any cold start for a deployed vm. Fly isn’t like AWS Lambda: with Fly, your vm is ready to use, 24/7. It’s not frozen. And that’s why you pay per vm/hour (not e.g per ms, like with Lambda and other serverless/faas). I’m not sure where that delay is being introduced in the response. Could it be from your end (networking, vpn etc)?

@greg, make sense now. vpn might be the issue in my case. thanks alot for shedding some light.

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