What's the best way to load test a URL created with Fly.io?

Hi all, I’m trying to use Fly.io to serve vector map tiles on news websites. Given the nature of news, sometimes a map will go viral and the site might surge to 10,000 concurrent visitors.

Any recommendations about how I could simulate that in a load test? I’ve tried using the NPM package Artillery and received some failures at > 1000 concurrents, but since all the traffic is coming from my own computer, it’s likely not a great simulation.

Also, any recommendations on how to make my instance resilient to a flood of traffic like that?

Depending on your expertise, you could either setup a GKE cluster and use locust.io/

Or you can use https://k6.io

You can run locust locally as well, but once again this comes from your local computer

Thank you! I’ll give these a shot.