Volume does not show as "attached" to machine

Hi there! I’m not sure if it’s a visual bug but just wanted to confirm…I have several volumes for regions of lax, sea, and sjc. These should be attached to machines in those regions. When I list, I see:

What’s weird is that one of those LAX volumes should be connected to one of my running machines in that region. When I list machines, you’ll see that vol_nv818z1xp8069plr is attached to the lax machine. So I’m curious as to why it isn’t reflected in the volumes list command?

I’m not too certain which UI to believe or if a volume is actually attached at all.


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I think this is a little strange also, but I think it may be for a reason.

The volumes are selected based on the name, so you have a pool of volumes with the same name.

I think maybe the machine tries to request the same volume (hence the refence).

But if you spun up a new machine after destroying the machine (not the volume connected too it), the volume would automatically connect to the new machine as a available volume of that name.

Make sense? So i think in this sense, because only 2 machines are spun up, only 2 are attached. At least this was my interpertation seeing the UI. Could also be a bug. :sweat_smile:

Hmm I’m not sure I follow because I have 3 machines spun up and should see that at least 1 on the lax volumes is added to the lax machine :thinking:

Hi @uncvrd,

You should be able to check from within the vm (fly ssh console -s) whether the volume is actually mounted.

But yeah, that’s not right and we’re looking into it!

Thanks a lot for looking in to it! Let me know if there’s anything I can help provide

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