Verifying services.script_checks is supported

I saw this chunk in the fly.toml of a fly tutorial

But couldn’t find the details in the docs

I just wanted to confirm that script_checks is still supported. If I’m greedy I’d also love docs, but it’s pretty understandable from the GithHub repo.

Thanks a bunch. Fly makes me swoon.

It is supported, not documented yet. We use it ourselves for a few apps.

Here’s what it may look like:

  command       = "/path/to/your/script"
  args          = ["a", "b", "c"]
  grace_period  = "1s"
  interval      = "5s"
  restart_limit = 0
  timeout       = "1s"

Fantastic! Thanks @jerome. What’s the grace_period allow?

It’s the delay before starting the health checks after your instance has been started.