[V2] `fly status` reporting incorrect primary region

I use the superfly/flyctl-actions@v1.4 GitHub Actions to deploy my app. Locally on my computer, I used flyctl to scale my app to two regions (sea and dfw). After migrating to the Apps V2 platform, I now have the following line in my fly.toml:

primary_region = "sea"

But when I deploy, it ends up making my other region (dfw) the primary and the sea region the replica. At least, that’s what shows up when I run fly status. If I fly ssh console into the machines in each region, both have the PRIMARY_REGION environment variable set to sea as expected.

Does the GitHub Action consider the primary_region key when deploying? Or perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree all together here? Maybe fly status is buggy for V2 apps?


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