URGENT: App too Slow, Connections denied

We are continuously getting the following in the logs for app 4b44ba8d (1 instance). All our servers are in SIN zone. Despite that errors are thrown for MAA zone.

2021-12-29T06:57:59.857 proxy[2ce9ed6f] maa [warn] Error 2004: App connection idle
2021-12-29T06:58:00.508 proxy[2ce9ed6f] maa [warn] Error 2004: App connection idle
2021-12-29T06:58:01.336 proxy[2f9d2f05] maa [warn] Error 2004: App connection idle

Our DB connection is stable. Can you please look into this. We are having a nightmare handling customers.

Anyone available to reply? @kurt ??

Potentially related, please see these 2 posts in case you haven’t already:

While someone at Fly look at the back-end, can I ask you to clarify these please… just for my understanding. Of course, they may be just exposing my misunderstanding lol.

  1. There’s 1 instance of the app, but in the next sentence you say ‘servers are in SIN zone’.
    Single-instance app, meaning, just 1 microVM within the app?
    If so, what do you mean by ‘servers’, plural.

  2. You’ve said the DB connection is stable; what issue(s) are your end users seeing?
    The first link above says that ‘App connection idle’ isn’t necessarily an error, hence it was turned into a warning.

The app is terribly slow. Even the homepage with no db connectivity opens up very slowly.
When I wrote this email, I was changing the server instance from 3 to 1. Now its back to 3. But still I am not able to serve requests.

All instances are by default in SIN zone. So by servers I really meant instance.

Could you look at providing some debug info based on your previous post? App Stops Again!!