Understanding Fly.io API Rate/Hard Limits

Hi Fly.io Team,

I’m considering using Fly.io’s API to start/create temporary machines for individual tasks and then stop/delete them. In the future, I expect to send a high volume of API requests for machine management actions like updates, creation, and stopping. Are there any rate limits or hard limits on the number of API calls I can make, or on the number of times I can create, update, or stop machines?

Hi @electwix

Not a fly.io team member, but I believe there’s no hard limits on the API itself. However, there are limits on new organisations, such as a maximum number of total machines you can create (I think it’s roughly 50 or so to begin with). This limit can be raised by contacting fly support.

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Thanks for asking about this @electwix!

Machine API rate limits apply per-action, per-machine. Currently, the limit is 1 request, per second, per action—short-term burstable up to 3/r/s/a for everything except the Get Machine call—that one is 5 req/s, burstable up to 10 req/s.

Edit: we now publish Machine API rate limits here.


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