Understanding autoscale stats

Hi, on our app we’ve configured autoscale as standard min=1 max=10.
In the dashboard metrics, I can see VM concurrency increasing between 1 to 10.

However in flyctl status I can see only a single instance running? I’m not quite sure why is that.
And what is the number on y-axis represents for “VM service concurrency”? Number of concurrent connections or vm instances?

That concurrency graph is the number of concurrent connections or requests.

Autoscaling will happen when that number is higher than what you have set in the [services] concurrency block: App Configuration (fly.toml)

@kurt Ah i see. Thanks for clearing. I’ve a follow up concern. Here’s what’s defined in the app’s fly.toml

And as of writing this, the app has unlikely reached even the soft limits, even so there are 2 instances running. It doesn’t seem to have scaled down.

How is that possible? Maybe scale down or config has some issue?