Unable to deploy Rails 7

I’m trying to set up a friend to also be able to run fly deploy on his own machine as well as my own machine being connected to the same Github repo.

The errors we are both seeing now are

Running wherecanwedance release_command: bin/rails fly:release
  Waiting for 3d8d9110fed5e8 to get exit event
Error release_command failed running on machine 3d8d9110fed5e8 with exit code 1.

and also:

  hallpass exited, pid: 514, status: signal: 15
  2023/06/05 04:36:27 listening on [fdaa:0:bd9e:a7b:162:85a1:4379:2]:22 (DNS: [fdaa::3]:53)
  [    3.114608] reboot: Restarting system
  machine restart policy set to 'no', not restarting
Error: release command failed - aborting deployment. error release_command machine 3d8d9110fed5e8 exited with non-zero status of 1

I don’t understand this machine restart policy set to no, what is this about?

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What this is saying is that db:migrate is failing, and the logs should have more information.

Deploying your application requires multiple steps, run on different machines. First the build image is created on the build machine. Second a release machine will be created to run your db:migrate. Finally your image is loaded on third machine and run.

If you get to the third stage, a restart policy will control whether or not the application will be restarted after failure. This doesn’t make sense for the second step as rerunning a failed db:migrate is unlikely to produce a different result.

ok the issue was tied into my credentials.yml.enc and also the master.key, I think we got the key set throught the FLYCTL SECRETS function

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