Unable to deploy, "error creating a new machine"

HI, I was recently migrating one of our Redis apps to V2 in lhr region. That went well I think, at least in CLI everything looks fine.

➜ flyctl migrate-to-v2 --config ./fly/fly.training.redis.toml
? Choose the primary region for this app: London, United Kingdom (lhr)
This migration process will do the following, in order:
 * Lock your application, preventing changes during the migration
 * Create machines, copying the configuration of each existing VM
 * Remove legacy VMs after health checks pass for the new machines
 * Set the application platform version to "machines"
 * Unlock your application
 * Overwrite the config file at '/XXX/fly/fly.training.redis.toml'
? Would you like to continue? Yes
==> Migrating fly-trussell-trust-salesforce-middleware-training-redis to the V2 platform
>  Locking app to prevent changes during the migration
>  Enabling machine creation on app
>  Creating an app release to register this migration
>  Starting machines
INFO Using wait timeout: 5m0s lease timeout: 13s delay between lease refreshes: 4s

>  Scaling nomad VMs down to zero now that machines are running.
>  Updating the app platform platform type from V1 to V2
>  Saving new configuration
Wrote config file fly/fly.training.redis.toml
--> Done

Right now however I am unable deploy the app as it gives me the following error.

This deployment will:
 * create 1 "app" machine

No machines in group app, launching a new machine
Error: error creating a new machine: failed to launch VM: aborted: could not reserve resource for machine: insufficient memory available to fulfill request

Hey there,

I see that your app isn’t deploying properly because of that VM error. If you are still having this issue, It looks like it could potentially be because of that last part of the error- “insufficient memory available”. I would take a look at this doc right here and see if it helps out!

Hi, unfortunately scaling is not an option as when I run flyctl scale show --app fly-trussell-trust-salesforce-middleware-training-redis I don’t see any VM resources there.

Does this error still occur if you try deploying to a different region?

Resolved by deleting the volume and re-creating it with the same parameters in the same region and deploying. Didn’t change anything else and it seemed to work ok.

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Hey thanks for reporting back what you did. We just made a few improvements to the builder scheduling.

Definitely let us know if you run into this again; very possible there are more improvements we can make with more feedback.

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