UDP connectivity dead?


As of a few minutes ago, we’ve had UDP packets through Fly intermittently die - at least in the UK. This occurred previously below and it seems to be the same thing again:


Is anyone else affected? We’re proxying DNS.

It now appears to have returned as of 2 minutes ago.

UDP, as a protocol, is susceptible to drops by design. So one cannot realistically expect it to always work at the internet scale. Prolonged UDP dropouts may point to problems with network though.

I think that those facts are widely known and understood, but maybe someone has high expectations regarding UDP. It’s always better to have a TCP fallback in place.

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Just because UDP doesn’t hold a connection, doesn’t mean that it’s ‘designed’ to have continuous drops that affect the program in use. If this was the case, online gaming would not be a thing. This was a prolonged outage at the UDP proxy layer Fly runs, it lasted around 40 minutes and completely killed UDP connectivity.