TLS not working after pause /resume

Hi. I paused my service for about a month, and then redeployed it today. The TLS-certifcate was working correctly before, but on resume it seems to be completely missing.

The application should be available at It starts correctly, and serves traffic over http without issues, but over https it does not work any more.

With openssl I can verify that there is no tls-certificate present:

openssl s_client -connect -servername


no peer certificate available
No client certificate CA names sent
SSL handshake has read 0 bytes and written 315 bytes
Verification: OK
New, (NONE), Cipher is (NONE)
Secure Renegotiation IS NOT supported
Compression: NONE
Expansion: NONE
No ALPN negotiated
Early data was not sent
Verify return code: 0 (ok)

Give it a try now? The wildcard we had in place for that app expired while it was suspended. That’s a bit of an edge case on our end, we should have a better setup for handling it.

Seems to be working now. Sorry for the late reply