timeout on db creation

im simply trying to create an elixir deploy on fly.io, it freezes, after abouyt 10 min it timeout, but on the dashboard the db says its created, however when trying to deploy it doesnt seen to populate the DATABASE’_URL env var, so i populate it with fly postgres attach --app cool-flower-2805 --variable-name DATABASE_URL cool-flower-2805-db but is says it doesnt exist heres a log of me trying to launch

!  ~/P/idiot  fly launch 979ms  Fri 12 Aug 2022 03:38:24 PM MST
Creating app in /home/mithereal/Projects/idiot
Scanning source code
Detected a Phoenix app
? App Name (leave blank to use an auto-generated name):
Automatically selected personal organization: mithereal
? Select region: [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
cdg (Paris, France)
dfw (Dallas, Texas (US))
? Select region: lax (Los Angeles, California (US))
Created app cool-flower-2805 in organization personal
Postgres cluster cool-flower-2805-db created
Username: postgres
Hostname: cool-flower-2805-db.internal
Proxy Port: 5432
PG Port: 5433
Save your credentials in a secure place, you won’t be able to see them again!
Monitoring Deployment

hi-- based on the timestamps that you’ve provided, I’d guess that this might be related to an ongoing incident, where traffic on our edge led to an increased number of timeouts. Please let us know if you’re running into this moving forward!