Timed out fetching a new connection from the connection pool.

I’m getting this error from my frontend app but it seems the database is running correctly.
Does someone have an idea of what could be happening?

What language / framework is your app using?

Errors like that usually mean that your database connection pool is misconfigured, in your app. For instance you might have a max of 20 database connections for your pool and they’re all being used: if you try to get one more connection (the 21st), then it will wait for some time and usually timeout after a configurable pool checkout duration.

I’m using remix and prisma.io. I have two instances running and the connection to the database is configured with the default values connection_limit=3&pool_timeout=10.

Do you have any suggestions on how should I setup the connection?

I’d try tweaking the connection_limit value, 3 is pretty low! A value greater or equal to 20 is more common.

I changed it to connection_limit=20&pool_timeout=10. I saw some improvement but I’m still experiencing the issue.

I’d keep playing with the connection_limit value until you find something that works well.

"Timed out fetching a new connection from the connection pool" is entirely up to your app.