Tigris now supports restricting object storage to a specific region

By default, Tigris automatically and intelligently distributes the data to keep it close to the users. However, there might be instances where you wish to manage data locality to comply with legal regulations by limiting data access to specific regions.

Tigris now allows you to restrict objects to a specific region. This can be controlled either at the object level or at the bucket level (for all objects in that bucket).

Have a look at our docs on how to use this feature.

And here is how you can configure it through the dashboard:


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Thanks for the quick turnaround on my request. How do multiple copies work with shadow buckets where there’s no way to indicate desired regions via headers? Also how would I add/remove replication regions without reuploading the contents of the entire bucket with different headers?

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Multiple copies are not yet supported with shadow buckets, but they will be soon.

Adding or removing regions at the moment doesn’t affect objects that already exist in the bucket unless you delete and reupload. But any uploads after adding/removing regions will take that change into account immediately.