Tigris dashboard now supports ability to view images

We just released a new Tigris dashboard feature allowing you to preview image files.

Preview Images in Tigris Dashboard - Watch Video


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Thank you for adding this feature. My only ask would be to have a toggle or by default have it be “object-fit: contain;”

Right now it’s very zoomed in, and I can’t see the full image.

Otherwise this is a great add.

Any thoughts to adding support for ?w=&h= and similar image modification functions? Since you are acting as the CDN, it kinda does not make sense to do this with a cloudfront or cloudflare function.

This would be the one feature I would request. I know Tigris does more than images, but you play this kinda neat role of S3 + CDN.

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Thanks for the feedback. We have had quite a few folks ask us about image modification functions. So, let me see what we need to do on our end to make that happen.

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