Terraform provider not respecting service concurrency?

Originally I had a machine service block like this:

      ports = [
          port = 80
          force_https = true
          handlers = ["http"]
          port = 443
          handlers = ["tls", "http"]
      protocol      = "tcp"
      internal_port = 8080

      concurrency = {
        hard_limit = 1
        soft_limit = 1
        type = "connections"

I tried deleting the concurrency block, and terraform apply said:

No changes. Your infrastructure matches the configuration.

Then I looked in GitHub - fly-apps/terraform-provider-fly: Terraform provider for the Fly.io API, but there’s no references to “concurrency”, though is is mentioned in the rest api.

So what’s up? Is there a way to specify concurrency via terraform? If not, what is the default?

I’ve been meaning to add. I’ll add it this week

I’m developing against this right now, can I please get an answer sooner? :pleading_face:

I’m not planning to release a new version until the end of the week. I have a bunch of changes I want to get in there.

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Thanks for developing this in the open! I hadn’t quite realized how fresh these features are until just now :sweat_smile:

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@DAlperin any updates here?