I was recently going through how to get Temporal going on fly via the How Temporal Auto-Setup Works | Temporal Documentation

The scripts are not the best i have to admit but not terrible. You can also just use docker.

What is Temporal ?

Temporal is a workflow & activity runner that is able to restart and is designed for failure.

It is a good match for fly because Temporal cluster could easily run on fly and its CDN using the Fly master / slave postresql setup.

Oh I’m glad you’re looking at this! We’ve been interested in showing Temporal on Fly.

I think the simplest way to launch this might be to create individual apps for each part of their Docker compose + Postgres file:

You can use our fly pg create to get Postgres, then install the others individuall.

thanks @kurt for the tip…

I wil give it a go when i get time… Things are too busy…

I am working on getting TimeScaleDB running on Fly because i need the metrics.
Turns out that the same approach of first using fly pg create, and then adding Timescale DB is the way to do it. Its documented here: How to Enable TimescaleDB on an Existing PostgreSQL Database | Severalnines.

So basically the same pattern.

Since a common pattern is emerging, it would be useful for me and others if a fly github repo for each was setup to help everyone with this eventually… Everyone is short on time i know… But it just seems like such a standard 2 things so many people need. Metrics and Workflows.

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Any luck with this?

This is fairly simple actually (at least with a non-clustered, singleton temporal deployment with all services in one app, but likely also when deploying the individual services separately).

I put together a quick & dirty demo here: GitHub - fubhy/temporal-fly

Note: This is obviously the bare minimum… Without metrics, no externally exposed port for the UI, etc. (probably not desirable but depends on your use-case), no health checks, etc. … But it works as a starting point :wink: