Tailwind standalone CLI in a Go Project

Hi pals! I have this project.

I deployed it correctly with flyctl deploy, but not from Github.
The reason is that I generate a styles.css in the project (thats’ present in the local deploy but not committed on github) with the tailwind standalone cli.

There’s a way to configure fly to execute a step containing the tailwind command

tailwindcss -i ./tailwind.css -o ./static/css/styles.css --minify

e.g. creating an ad hoc builder?

Thanks for the reading and eventually the help!

Hi @eclecticlly

Looks like you’re using Github Actions with the fly action to deploy.

You could add some steps between the repo checkout step and the fly deploy step that installs tailwind and runs that command. The fly deploy command copies the files from currently running Github Action so the newly generated file should be included.