superfly/flyctl-actions with Bun

Hello :wave:

I’m a Svelte user using Svelte! :sweat_smile:

I’ve recently migrated over to from Vercel (this should probably be a post too)

Anyways, to sidestep all the node compat issues I switched to bun (yum)

All is fine with a manual deploy but, I’m not sure the action is working as expected, I was seeing a lot of errors (node compat) on the last push to the GitHub repo

Just want to know if there’s anything specific I need to do above the standard instructions in the Continuous Deployment with and GitHub Actions · Fly Docs guide?

I have all the secrets I need added to the .tomy file and the action runs and passes, I’m just curious as to why there’s a load of node compat errors when it should be a bun build

Just to qualify this a bit more:

  • SvelteKit
  • Svelte 5
  • using the svelte-adapter-bun adapter
  • csrf: { checkOrigin: false }, with custom hooks.server.ts to handle origin requests on form method="POST"

Actually, looking at the logs now, after another push, there’s no node compat issues, so think this is a none issue :sweat_smile:

Can you share those errors?

Bun is highly, but not completely node compatible. It is highly likely that svelte’s build process makes use of node features. It is also possible that svelte’s build process actually runs node (due to a script starting with something like #!/usr/bin/env node.

If you share the errors, there are people here who can help you work through them.

(And, no, the continuous deployment instructions are fairly generic, so I wouldn’t think that there is anything extra you would need to do there).

If anything comes up when I’m working with it over the next couple of hours I’ll post it here, like I said in the quote, it seems to have settled down now

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