Stuck on heroku/heroku:20-cnb when launch or deploy

I tried to launch new app, but stuck at

Digest: sha256:b561410133a259bdf45e8d152a16abab6fbae4631175f192c510f9cf1e4d6474
Status: Image is up to date for heroku/heroku:20-cn

And here is the log

Using build cache volume
Running the creator on OS linux with:
Container Settings:
  Args: /cnb/lifecycle/creator -daemon -launch-cache /launch-cache -log-level debug -app /workspace -cache-dir /cache -run-image heroku/heroku:20-cnb -tag -gid 0
  System Envs: CNB_PLATFORM_API=0.6
  Image: pack.local/builder/62706f796d6270796568:latest
  User: root
  Labels: map[author:pack]
Host Settings:
  Binds: /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock pack-cache-nikahnya_cache-775da5d80a93.launch:/launch-cache pack-layers-vgouwmyhoe:/layers pack-app-dhyshgnzlv:/workspace
  Network Mode: 

Anyone know how to solve it?

Hi @bangun,

Can you check if there are any large files/dirs in the project directory? Can you add any large files to .dockerignore and retry the app deployment

hi @rahmatjunaid
how many MB that consider as a large file? And im not using docker
I’m using region Singapore