Stuck builder app

My builder app seems to be stuck. Everything works fine when deploying locally.

fly deploy --config ./fly.staging.toml --remote-only
Deploying shy-wind-3844
==> Validating app configuration
--> Validating app configuration done
TCP 80/443 ⇢ 8080
Waiting for remote builder fly-builder-lingering-field-7587... connecting ⡿
Error error connecting to docker: host unavailable: context deadline exceeded

flyctl status instance 200cb57b --app fly-builder-lingering-field-7587
  ID            = 200cb57b
  Task          =
  Version       = 4
  Region        = lhr
  Desired       = run
  Status        = failed
  Health Checks =
  Restarts      = 0
  Created       = 11m38s ago

Recent Events
TIMESTAMP            TYPE              MESSAGE
2021-08-30T11:09:49Z Received          Task received by client
2021-08-30T11:09:49Z Task Setup        Building Task Directory
2021-08-30T11:09:50Z Failed Validation 2 errors occurred:
                                       	* failed to parse config:
                                       	* Missing required argument: The argument "docker_image" is required, but no definition was found.

2021-08-30T11:09:50Z Not Restarting    Error was unrecoverable
2021-08-30T11:09:50Z Alloc Unhealthy   Unhealthy because of failed task
2021-08-30T11:09:52Z Killing           Sent interrupt. Waiting 5s before force killing

I think this is a remnant of our issues from last week. The quick and manual fix is to delete your builder app: flyctl apps destroy fly-builder-lingering-field-7587 and to trigger a new build which will create a new remote builder (losing its cache in the process, but shouldn’t be a huge deal).

I’ll go through broken remote builders and try to fix them that way. Thanks for the heads up!