Strange sidekiq errors (const missing when it obviously exists)

Hey all - I’m stumped here.

I’m getting sidekiq errors like this:

uninitialized constant DocumentIndexProgressJob return Object.const_get(str) unless str.include?("::") ^^^^^^^^^^

Where DocumentIndexProgressJob is just a normal job class, e.g.:

class DocumentIndexProgressJob
  include Sidekiq::Job

  queue_as :default

  def perform(id, count = 0)
    ... etc ...

It’s not always just that job class, either, so I don’t think it’s something special about that class. (For example, I also got NameError: uninitialized constant Webhooks Object.const_get(camel_cased_word) , even those the Webhooks class exists).

I think (but not totally sure) that this is somehow related to deploys (seems to clear up with an app restart but not certain about that).

There’s a Sidekiq issue here that looks relevant but I haven’t been able to connect the dots. Some of the comments indicate that restarting sidekiq helped, which is part of the reason I suspect something to do with app restarts.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance.

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