[[statics]] without [[services.ports]]

Does adding a [[statics]] section like explained in the docs work even if I am only accessing the app via the ipv6 internally?

e.G. I don’t have any [[services.ports]] section.

I tried with the Following:

  guest_path = "/home/node/app/public/img"
  url_prefix = "/docs/public/img"

But URLs like https://example.org/docs/public/img/app-color-inspect.png are still being served by my fastify server instead.

The /home/node/app/public/img path exists, so if I ssh into the container I can actually access the image at /home/node/app/public/img/app-color-inspect.png

From what I am reading you are accessing things on apps internally so you don’t need to add the statics section as this is only needed to makes apps publicly available.

I believe it would still work but for what you’re trying to do but is not necessary.

And are you suing a private or public ipv6? If it’s a public ipv6 it should still work.