Static updates -- an oxymoron, and yet...

I’m writing an app that serves static files, except when they’re not static. In other words, it’s a web site whose pages will be static for days at a time, but will then have one or two updates, and then repeat the cycle. In order to let users make updates without having to become Fly programmers, I’d love to be able to update my “static” files without doing fly deploy. Is that possible? If not, I can run my own Nginx. It would be nice to take advantage of Fly’s infrastructure for static files.


Our [statics] feature is heavily coupled to deploys. When you deploy, we extract static files from your image and serve them up directly. So the short answer is – it won’t really help with what you’re trying to do.

Where are you storing the static files? We’ve considered an S3-like object storage setup that integrates with the static features. In theory, that would let you write your files to an object store and then have them be served from an edge. We won’t have it in time to help you out, but would something like that do what you’re after?

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That would be great, but it’s not a pressing need. I just liked the idea of using your existing infrastructure, if it were possible. But I can spin up an Nginx instance to serve these infrequently changing files.

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nginx it is then! And maybe we’ll have an option for you later. :wink:

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