Static Assets on Fly?

Any plans or examples that use Fly to replace a service like Netlify to host static assets like a React App?

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Just stumbled upon docs on static of course after I posted this.

Any reasons we should or should not use Fly for static bundle hosting over Netlify? - Cache? CDN?

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I was just going to link to that, and fix a broken url in the docs. Another example is flyctl repo’s example app which serves an html page with nginx. I’ll also extract an example from a Hugo site I’m working on which does nice redirections in nginx.

You can use either Netlify or fly for static sites. We run a bunch of static sites on fly, like our docs. Netlify is great if you use their build process and preview process. Otherwise performance should be similar. Fly is nice if you need more control over the build or already have apps on fly, but I’m biased :wink:

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Agreed, would love to see some more examples on possibly deploying a create react app for instance.

Looking at possibly moving over the entire stack to fly for our new release of Better Cart :rocket:

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That’s a good idea for a sample.