Speeding up multiple deploys in CI

hey guys,
Is there a way to speed up multiple deploys in CI? Right now we have different deployments for each service running in series and its kinda slow O(~10m)…

The command run for each is:

flyctl deploy . --build-target service --remote-only --detach

(Note that we tried to run these concurrently but that threw an error)

As far as I’m aware to get more concurrent builds you would need one of the larger paid plans. Check out Plan Pricing · Fly The table further down that page shows the included features. For example their “Scale” plan includes 10 concurrent builders. So that would solve the problem but it would depend on your budget.

Else if you were able to build locally in your CI service, that would avoid the need for a lot of concurrent remote builds. I’m guessing not (by your use of the --remote-only flag) but if your CI includes Docker, the Fly CLI sees and uses that and it would build locally. I guess it transfers the build cost/time from Fly to your CI so it would be a case of seeing which was the better value.

@greg thanks for that, I didn’t even realize they had paid suites. Looks like we’ll upgrade to Pro and see if that cleans things up a bit

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