Some BunnyCDN servers unable to reach my service on Fly

Hi there, this morning I woke up to an outage alert on Checkly indicating that my service is not accessible from several regions in Asia, specifically Hong Kong and Tokyo.

I opened a ticket with BunnyCDN since my origin seems to be reachable through a VPN in those regions, but not when the CDN is in front of it. In my ticket, an engineer mentioned that some of their servers appear to be unable to reach my service.

Does fly do any IP blocking by any chance? If so, could someone verify that BunnyCDN’s servers are not blocked:


happy to help dig into this! Off the bat, I don’t think there’s anything that would cause their traffic to be blocked on our network.

In order to rule this out, the following information would be helpful, if you have it.

  • just to confirm, is your app is reachable from those endpoints in Hong Kong and Tokyo when the CDN is not active? or is the VPN a different network?
  • do you know what specific tests the CDN engineer was running when they can’t reach your service?
  • would you be able to let us know what app you’re having trouble with?

Hey Eli, thanks for the follow up. I ended up moving my app from BunnyCDN back to Cloudflare and the issue seems to have disappeared. I was having a few other issues with Bunny before this and this ended being the last straw. No need to investigate any further. Thanks!

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