Sneak peek: docs for Apps V2 (help us improve them!)

Following on from Fly Apps on machine prerelease
and Make Apps V2 the default for new apps in your org :

Make your Fly Apps V2 Early Adoption Experience truly immersive by using the prerelease of our updated docs.

Spoiler alert: once you’ve made Apps V2 the default for new apps in your org, the procedure for launching a new V2 app is much like launching a new V1 (Nomad) app. I’d say the most immediately obvious difference is still in the more deliberate way that apps are scaled, particularly at this time.

Apps V2 is under heavy development–there will inevitably be lag in the docs. (It’s also important to keep up with the latest flyctl with fly version update for the latest Apps V2 features and bug fixes.)

This preview site is meant as a resource for Apps V2 early adopters, and we hope it’s useful straight away.

But also: You can help us make docs better! Let us know if it’s not clear how to do X, or if the output from the latest flyctl doesn’t match our examples.

Did you know our docs are open source? You can file issues on the docs repo: Issues · superfly/docs · GitHub. Add the apps-v2 label for easy identification.