Smashing launch bugs

We’ve been working on improving the fly launch and the Launch Web UI experience, so I thought on sharing some annoyances we have fixed recently.

fly launch is quite smart and can detect a few frameworks, and suggest settings based on that. For example, for Phoenix apps, we know the default port is 8080. Provided you don’t change that config in your code, you shouldn’t change that config when launching on Fly either, otherwise your app wouldn’t be accessible to its clients. We added a small warning to the Launch UI to prevent users from mistakenly changing that port:

Like I said, fly launch can suggest settings based on your app. So, if your app is using Postgres, fly launch should suggest the creation of Postgres cluster. You could also change suggested settings using the Launch Web UI. But we messed up and introduced a bug where the Launch Web UI would always open with the “no database” option selected, even if the CLI said you would be getting a database:

Needless to say this was a bad experience, and if you didn’t pay close attention to this screen and just confirmed the settings, you would end up with no database, and a not working app, probably.

Lastly, we fixed an issue where fly launch would describe the Postgres config you would get as follow:

Notice the “256MB RAM (1GB RAM)”. That didn’t make much sense. Now, we are only displaying one value for the Postgres RAM, and that is exactly the RAM you will get.

Welp, that is it for now. And since we were talking about launching apps, I’d love to hear your complaints about it. Please don’t hesitate to share any issues you had, or how we could make your life easier when launching apps :slight_smile: