Setting up PITR for PostgreSQL


By looking at docs, I saw that the Fly team did a fantastic job with a turn-key high availability for PostgreSQL.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s completely automatic for a project with 2+ instances.

My question here is whether there are similar conveniences for PITR? :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m asking for too much. In that case, perhaps someone here already implemented PITR for PostgreSQL and is willing to share, if not a recipe, but maybe even a list of the most intricate gotchas and road bumps that you run into.



Happy to hear you like our HA PostgreSQL offering-- thank you for letting us know how we could make it even better for you!

So this is definitely something we’ve discussed before-- here’s a recent thread where we detail a little of our thinking about this, alongside some recommendations for the meantime:

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Thank you!