Server closed the connection unexpectedly

Hi guys,

I deployed a RemixJS app on and now I’m trying to get access to the DB (postgreSQL) on another app but I got this error. Someone can help me? I followed all the steps of this doc but it fails!
External Connections · Fly Docs

You probably wanted to connect to marketplace-personal-db? At least that’s what seems to be your postgres DB.

Yeah I tried that too. But I got the same error. I tried changing the sslmode to require but same damn error. When I use the proxy it works without any problem but I can’t keep the proxy open on my machine

Ah I see the issue. Your DB app is using a shared IPv4. I’m not sure how that happened to be honest! You’ll need a dedicated IPv4 for non-HTTP services to work.

Oh that’s really weird but I hope it works. I’ll try tomorrow. In any case I’ll update the topic. Thanks for the support Jerome!

I tried assigning a dedicated IPv4. But I got the same error setting the sslmode to disable and another error when I set it to require.

@jerome any suggestion?

Sorry, I missed this yesterday.

The dedicated IPv4 needs to be on the marketplace-personal-db app, not the marketplace-personal app.

@jerome Thanks mate, it works! <3