seeking advice on infrastructure configuration for secure a connection from my application to CockroachDB Serverless

Hello Community,

I am currently developing a personal project for my family and am looking to minimize costs while deploying my application, which requires a somewhat complex infrastructure configuration. Here is the setup I am considering:

  • DNS
    • Cloudflare
  • Content Delivery (serving a React SPA)
    • Cloudflare Pages
  • Computing
    • TBD
      • Currently, I am using Cloud Run, but it is proving to be expensive due to the necessity of using both the VPC Serverless Connector and Cloud NAT to connect my application to an external database.
  • RDB
    • CockroachDB Serverless

I believe I need to configure the CockroachDB Serverless IP Allowlist to secure a connection from my application to CockroachDB Serverless.

I have two questions:

  1. What do you think of the plan outlined above? If you have any concerns or questions about my approach, I would appreciate your feedback.
  2. Would it be advisable for me to assign a dedicated IP to Fly machines?

Thank you for your insights!

Added postgres

Added databases and removed postgres

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