Secrets missing from a random deploy

After a new deploy I noticed some logs about connection errors to redis, and it was trying to connect to so figured it was missing the ENV, tried setting it, but the CLI would state no changes were made meaning the app has this ENV variable and its the same value, but then I triggered a redeploy and everything was fine after that, no more connection errors.

There is two reason I believe this was a bug with missing ENVs:

  1. default fallback address being used ā€œ127.0.0.1ā€
  2. I was not able to set the same value, stated already set and is the same value.

Deploy happen around 10/27 - 8:10pm CST

Very likely related to Cannot read secrets from environment variable (Golang) - #10 by dan.wetherald

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Gotcha, has this been solved, or is it an ongoing issue?

No confirmed solutions yet, Iā€™m following up.