Running a task on fly io?

Hi everyone! I have a process that needs to fetch data from websites online and store them in a fly io postgres database that other fly io apps will use.

I could run the process locally but that will require that I store the database credentials locally, this isn’t optimal.

So the question is: Can I run a script like this on And if yes, what is the optimum way to do it?


I guess it depends on what you need (e.g just text/html, for a search index, vs rendered pages for screenshots).

You could run something like that on Fly. Any language/library will have some way to make a web request and so fetch a site as HTML. if you want rendered output, e.g Puppeteer for Node. I can’t imagine there is any ToS issue with it as Fly have an official guide for doing just that:

You may want to invoke that manually but if you wanted to automate it (e.g fetch a site every hour to look for changes to a site) you would need some kind of cron. There isn’t an official Fly cron service (that I know of) but that can be done too e.g with supercronic:

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What I have is a script that takes a few hours to run… It should only run once (not a server)

As Greg pointed out, supercronic works nicely enough… as do scheduled Machines: New feature: Scheduled machines

The docs around scheduled machines are scant; though, one could take hints from other Machine docs: Guides and Examples · Fly Docs

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