Ruby on rails with planet scale issue

I’m trying to deploy a basic rails app the uses planetscale for it’s DB.

I can get the app working with planetscale on my local machine OK, but when it runs in production I get an error.

ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished (TLS/SSL error: no such file):

I think I might be missing something in my Docker file or .toml file, but I’m not sure what.

In my docker file I have
ARG BUILD_PACKAGES="git build-essential libpq-dev wget vim curl gzip xz-utils default-libmysqlclient-dev"
ARG DEPLOY_PACKAGES="default-mysql-client file vim curl gzip"

I’m not sure if it’s something missing in these lines, or something else completely different.

If anyone else stumbles across the same issue, I found this page that helped fix the issue.

One of the DB connection settings that planetscale gave me:
sslca: "/etc/ssl/cert.pem"

worked OK on my local machine, but on my fly deployment that file didn’t exist, so I had to change it to:
slca: "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"