Response buffering? Inconsistent results when reading from http with text/event-stream mime type

I"m sending streamed data over http via server sent events (mime type text/event-stream). I get inconsistent results when accessing it via fly’s network. It seems like not all data is returned until a certain amount is in the buffer, but that’s just my impression.

When ssh into my instance and connect directly to it with curl I get the results immediately as expected.

So does fly do response buffering for http? And if so, is there a way to turn it off? Or is my problem likely something else entirely?

Is this publicly available for us to reproduce? If so, can you drop us a reproduction to ?

If not, we’ll probably need a few more details :slight_smile:

It’s possible this behaviour is due to the way our proxy works, especially if you’ve tested it without the proxy and it works as you’d expect.

So there shoudnt’ be any buffering? or?

I don’t think I could come up with a reusable reproduction from my own code, but I’ll try to find one or make a simple one.

There are many levels buffers involved here. They shouldn’t affect event streams, but we haven’t tested these response times thoroughly.